Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Moving Forward and Making a Difference

Photo by Krissy. Venosdale
Don't you just love this time of year with so many people committing to new goals, and best practices?   In the past two weeks, I am invigorated by all of the tweets  from educators sharing ideas and perspectives to make their classroom learning  more engaged, connected, and meaningful.    It is so exciting to hear of all the upcoming opportunities  that will allow students to do just that- share their passion for learning!

Are you looking for a project to connect your classroom with others? Take a look at a few of these ideas:

Digital Learning Day -  Celebrate with other educators how you are effectively integrating technology into your curriculum! Looking forward to hearing all of the wonderful ideas and projects shared on this day.

Science U Share- Join a collaborative Science project and learn about different environments around the world.

Word Read Aloud Day-    I had the opportunity to participate in WRAD a few years ago with my class.  It was such an amazing experience for my students.  Sign up to read with another classroom or have an author read to your class on that day!

Move forward this year and make a difference in the learning that is taking place in your classroom. Sign up for one of these projects today!