Thursday, September 06, 2012


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 I always find this time of year very inspiring as the new posters go up, and the name tags get placed on the desk. It is the perfect time to have a few new goals to accomplish over the year, as well as the opportunity to try something differently from the year before.   All summer I search for new ways to inspire my students as well as myself to create the best learning experience.    As the new students walk in smiling and ready to meet their new teacher- a wave of inspiration always goes through me!  I have the opportunity to create an engaging and  meaningful year for them.  I always want to create a year that they will always remember.

This year I begin very differently as en educational technology consultant.  As I await for students to get into schools, I no longer have an "official classroom". I will be entering many classrooms hoping to share powerful practices of educational technology with them that will enhance their learning.    I will meet so many students and teachers throughout several districts.   This year I look forward to inspirations from other teachers and the classrooms they create!  I cannot wait to see a special tool or project they incorporate into the curriculum that "hooks" the students.  I also look forward to seeing connections and collaborations build as they begin meeting new teachers and classroom through the use of social media.  I cannot wait to see where each class starts and how far they go!  I am very excited to be inspired! 

There are many teacher blogs that continually keep me inspired also. Please make sure to check out these teachers and all of the amazing things they are doing in their classrooms.

Krissy Venosdale
Nancy Carroll  
Jason Seliskar  
Leah LaCrosse
Mrs. Shepherd

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