Monday, February 11, 2013

Sharing and Learning with Edcanvas

Each time I meet with teachers, I want to make sure to provide them with several resources that will help them learn more about a particular subject, tool, or project.  My goal is that our first discussion is a starting point to their technology integration on a particular topic.  It is not solely about the technology, but using a website, tool, or project that connects to their pedagogy and content, to maximize their learning in the classroom.  I am a big fan of the TPACK model, and my goal is to continue to share this with teachers as they become more technology proficient with their curriculum.   It is exciting to see how teachers are transforming and changing the culture in the classroom.  As a part of the JCISD team, we have also been building a website filled with resources that will be a place for teachers to go when needed.   However, as we know new projects and tools come out daily, and our website continues to grow with an abundance of resources.  Sometimes this can be overwhelming to teachers, and they prefer to examine just a few sites.   I have found the perfect tool that will allow me accomplish this!

Edcanvas is a great site that allows you to create a visual board that shares websites, images, videos, and pdfs.  It can be used as a  presentation tool for a small pd, or even a resource to share a few particular sites with students on a particular topic of study. Once you share the board, you will receive a QR code, link, and an embed code for several options to make it readily available to colleagues or students.  It has searching features, as well as connections to Flickr, Dropbox, and Google drive, which make it simple to collect, and share.   The concept reminds me of a mini- Pinterest board, which is definitely well received by many!

Here is an example of a board on how Google Hangouts can be used in the classroom:

I have also created Edcanvas boards on Skype in the Classroom,  Moodle, as well as favorite iPad and Elementary Writing resources.  Since the tool is new, the creators of Edcanvas are continually looking at ways to grow, improve, and maximize the potential as a invaluable learning tool in the classroom.  This is definitely one of my favorite sharing resources right now, and look forward to using it often with teachers!  Hope you will take some time to check it out for yourself!

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