Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Story Problems Can Be Fun!

Last week I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful class of fourth graders that were very excited to share their video story problems with the world!   Their teacher found out about the idea through our JCISD monthly tech challenge sent out to teachers in our districts, as well as other districts in Iowa and Nebraska that also collaborate on the project.  Students were buzzing with anticipation as it was getting close to their turn to record the video.   As the students were recording, other ideas about problems they could share kept coming out.  Students were engaged, excited, and eager to share their creations with others!  They are also hoping to share these problems throughout their school as a challenge to other students.  I actually heard more than one student say, "Story problems are fun!".  Those four words are such a validation to teachers that sometimes stepping out of the box and taking a risk reaps more rewards than imaginable!

We also had another elementary class take it one step further and go to the local hardware store and create video story problems!  They partnered up with a class in the high school to help them create, record, share and solve the problems.  Powerful learning was definitely taking place in that store!

I hope you will stop by the video story problem channel and leave them a few encouraging comments to keep them motivated and willing to share their learning with others!

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